Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Logan!!!

It is hard to believe that Logan is 3. Even harder to believe is that he had just celebrated his 1st birthday when we moved to Maryland. He took his first steps here, and learned to talk, sing and dance here... funny how time flies. We looked at some of his baby pictures and it made us miss our little Loli but every day as he grows, we love him even more. We didn't throw a big party this year cause we were still getting used to being back home. We had a blast walking through the store picking things up for him... Some of Logan's favorite things are: Legos, Starwars and cars, so we got him a bunch of toy cars, a pair of light sabers and a play mobile set that looked kind of like Legos (we'll get him the real thing maybe next year). Amber baked a cake and we frosted it with blue frosting and set the pirate ship in it. Logan got a real kick out of it. What a silly kid, after he blew out the candle I picked it up for him to suck the frosting off and instead, he bit the candle...
Grandma Dana and Grandpa Allen sent Logan this cool doctor kit complete with a stethoscope that makes a heart beat sound and a beeper that is loud enough to wake the neighbors.
Grandma Pauleen and Grandpa Courtland sent a package with several presents for Logan to unwrap, here he is with the binoculars and the Starwars transformer. Kristen also pitched in some great books, he had me read them all to him twice. I highly recommend "I am the biggest thing in the ocean".
So here he is, our BIG little Loli. We love you kid! (even though you give me nuts dude)


Christie said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy! WOW, 3 already! He is so adorable. I think three is a great age, they're so fun and so receptive to new information. Great age!

Vinyl lettering desings said...

Happy Birthday! He is growing so fast! I remember when you were pregnant with him and I was pregnant with Jaxon! Its crazy how time flies! It looks like you guys had a great day!


Anonymous said...

Dear Logan-

Happy Birthday !
Your birthday box finally arrived !

It is so fun to see you wearing your binoculars and flying your Star Wars spaceship. Ask your dad to make a video of you playing with your new gifts. I would love to watch it. Three is a wonderdul number to be !!!

Lots of Love,

Grandma pauleen-

Camren and Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Logan! I can't believe he is three already time flies dosen't it! It makes me excited for them to move to there next stage but also sad because I love my babies!
I love the birthday cake so cute Amber!

Cami said...

He is such a big boy now.