Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our first real table!

So after we were married, my parents hooked us up with our first kitchen table it was one of those extruded plastic card tables, which was great because we did not have any space and it folded up and slid nicely behind the couch. Our next table was one that our good friends the Rogers let us borrow. It was a little bigger and was great because it folded in half to be whatever size we needed. So with it being President's day and all, there were a bunch of good sales and we saw this table in the JC Penny ad so we thought that it was a good time to finally get a table.
It is a tad bigger than the old table even without the leaf in.... and that is the coolest part, the leaf folds up and under the table for storage. We love it, feel free to come over and eat with us on it:)


JandJ said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Looks like a perfect place to eat good food and play a lot of good games! Miss you-

Tam said...

looks lovely. i love new furniture. wishing you lots and lots of great use out of it!

Audrey said...

So nice! I still have the hand-me-down table and 3 mis-matched chairs. Soon, I hope to have my set.

Grandpa Courtland said...

Great new pictures. We love them. Addy is beautiful !!! You really captured her. We especially enjoyed the videos. It's almost like having grandchildren.

The new dining table is beautiful. Spencer, when you're showing your merchandise, you're supposed to show a little leg !!!

We love you tons. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Mom and Dad C.