Saturday, December 01, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 This year we celebrated our 4th Thanksgiving here in Korea.  We truly have a lot to be thankful for and we continue to be blessed here in our Korean home.  In past years, we attempted to bake turkeys but unfortunately our oven is not really up to the task.  It is half oven and half microwave and it does neither very well.  This year we decided to take the easy way out and order BBQ chicken instead.
 Thanksgiving is also the one day each year we break out our "wedding" china.  This year was we also had our good friends the Loyds join us for dinner.  Logan is showing off his mad table setting skills... just don't ask why he is pulling the fork out of his sleeve.
 Nothing to see here...
 Thanksgiving rolls Grandma C style (store bought frozen dinner rolls + lots of butter + LOVE = perfection).
 Addy helping out in the kitchen.
 Momma taught her well.
 Logan Addy and Samantha playing an epic game of 'cover your assets'.
 And this little guy made us all want a little brother.  Baby Kevin, enjoying his first Thanksgiving.
 The kids started things off with fruit-kabobs.

 I am really going to crave this chicken when we leave here someday.
 Mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and poultry.... a few of my favorite things.
 John, Katie and little Kevin.
 Logan had us all cracking up with his silly rabbit jokes.
Most of all this year, we are grateful for family and friends, whether they are here with us or far away.  We love you all!

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