Sunday, August 25, 2013

Logan's Baptism

 We started the day by opening up some special gifts from Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunt Kr.  Grandma and Grandpa Cottrell sent Logan his very own set of scriptures.  Logan was so excited that they even put his name on them.
 Thank you so much, I know that he will cherish these for his whole life.  Who knows, maybe he will take them on his mission.  Thanks also for the kind and inspiring advice you wrote in there for him.
 Amber and I got him a camo case for his new sticks.
 Grandma and Grandpa Asay sent Logan his very own baptism towel.  It has a big CTR logo with his name and the date of his baptism.  He loved it and he was hugging it during the entire service.  He loved the poem and it was fun to see him make the connection between washing the towel when it gets dirty, and repenting when he makes mistakes.  Thanks so much for such a thoughtful gift.
 Logan's wooden medal... where do I start???  Since Logan has been in cub scouts he has been receiving the Boys Life magazine in the mail.  The magazine highlights the heroic acts of scouts and details the special awards they are given for their heroism.  When we were at the beach at Donghae, Logan and Addy were playing in the water on the beach when a bigger-than-normal wave caught Addy off guard and swept her off her feet into the surf.  Logan thought quick and went in after her, rescuing her and pulling her to safety.  Addy came running up to us and told us that she thought that Logan deserved a medal for saving her life.  We suggested that maybe Grandpa Courtland could make him a wooden medal on the lathe.  I told my dad about it while we were visiting this summer but we ran short on time and never got it done.  Well Grandpa came through big time and made a beautiful wooden medal.  Logan loves it!

  Aunt Kristen sent an awesome book about the Holy Ghost.  Logan read it before church.
 Amber prepared some awesome treats for the baptism.
 After district conference we gathered in the font room and got ready for the baptism.
 Logan was so excited for this day to finally come.  Addy was excited too.  She came up to me and asked me if she could get baptized some day too.  It is kind of strange to think that our son was going to be baptized in Korea.  I am happy to have the experience of being in the same country where I served my mission, and seeing a young boy as ready and excited as Logan choose to be baptized.  It was hard not having all of our family friends and loved ones here with us to share this special day, but you were all in our hearts and minds.  Logan is a product of all the wonderful examples he has had in his life.  He is very mindful of the positive influence that his grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends have been on him and he hoped to make you all happy and proud even though we are half a world apart from many of you.
 Logan's church grandparents, Elder and Sister Smith serving a mission here from Canada, have always been quick to fill in as grandparents for our kids.  Logan told me today how sad he will be when they leave.  We have been blessed so far and wonderful people keep finding their way into our lives and enriching us.
 I was relieved to find a mormon jumpsuit that fit.  I was a bit worried :)
 What a kid!!!

 When I was a kid getting baptized, there were several of us kids, and I remember we all took up the first pew and took turns leaving the chapel for the font.  This was  a  bit different.  Everyone was there for Logan.  We were happy to see the Loyds and the Hinrichsens in addition to all of our friends from church.  Logan was so happy that Ryan Reynolds agreed to give the baptism talk.  Sister Smith gave an awesome object lesson on the Holy Ghost.
 Here is a pic of all the tasty treats we enjoyed afterwards.
 Little Kevin Loyd.
 Logan and Lauren.
One more family picture for the road.  We are well on our way.  I am grateful for Logan's choice to be baptized.  It was a special day for all of us.  And I am sure we'll be doing this again in three years for Addysen.  Thanks to all who came, pitched in, prepared food, music and talks.  Thanks to all of the brethren who joined in the circle.

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