Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy #2 Birthday Sadie bug

 March 9th 2011 was a crazy, amazing day.  Amber's mom was in town to help but Sadie was taking longer than the other 2 kids had to get here.  For a full account of Sadie's birth story, click here.
 Following an exciting hospital experience, Sadie Brighton Cottrell joined our family, happy, healthy, hungry and with a full head of blonde hair.
 Holding your newborn child never gets old.  With Grandma watching the kids, we enjoyed a day in the hospital just the three of us.  We watched her sleep and marveled at the miracle of life, and listened to John Denver.

 Sadie looked/looks a lot like Addy did as a baby with a few exceptions.  Instead of long dark hair, Sadie has bleach blonde hair.  It is almost see through.  Sadie also has blue eyes and fair skin.  Sometimes when she smiles I see my sisters in her expressions (Jocelyn and Alyson).
 A few short months after her birth, we traveled to America and spent a month visiting with our families.  In New Mexico, we blessed her along side her cousin Maddux.  We were so happy to not only have all of our Asay family, but also some of our Cottrell side made the long drive down to join in.
 What a happy baby!  She has a personality like her big sister's (when she is happy, it rubs off on you).
 In Korea, she is a rockstar.  We haven't had to pay to have her picture taken yet... it is usually the other way around.
 She loves music.  Whether we are blasting Pink Floyd, The Little Mermaid, or even if Logan is whistling a tune, she drops whatever is in her hands and starts dancing to the beat.  Her favorite movie is Ichabod Crane which she calls "Bicabod."  She loves to play dolls with Addy and Legos with Logan.  She knows quite a few words and can piece pretty good sentences together.  When she doesn't get her way, she tries to reason with you.  She loves her blanket, and piggy-back rides from Logan.  She is a great eater (eats almost as much as Logan and Addy combined).  She is almost potty trained (good job mommy).

 Sadie, just like Addy, has slowly warmed up to the idea of being a daddy's girl.  She loves to be held and loves to get kisses, as long you kiss here where she points to on her cheek.  She also likes eskimo kisses which she calls "beep beeps."  Finally, before bed she likes to bonk heads (cheek kiss, beeb beep, bonk = our secret handshake of affection).
Sadie, we love you more than you will ever know.  I can't imagine our lives without you.  Just thinking of your cute little expressions makes me smile.  We are so happy that you are two and can hardly wait to see the new ways you will continue to enrich our lives.  Just don't grow up too fast...

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