Thursday, November 21, 2013

Addy in Seoul summer 2013

 This summer Addy had quite a few modeling jobs.  She is building up a pretty good college fund and having a blast in the process.
 This shot took us up near the Yongsan Gu office building by Itaewon.
 This was the first shoot that I had ever gone to.  I was excited to see her in action.  Sadie was cracking me up... she is such a silly bug.
 One of the most important parts of modeling is stuffing your face with doughnuts.
 What a pretty smile.  She has her mom's eyes.
 Sadie making herself at home.
 Back in the good old days when I was still drinking zero... I miss that stuff.  1 month clean and counting :)
 This shoot was for a winter line so Addy dressed up warm and they made it snow in September.
 Here is her stylin photographer.
 I climbed up on the roof to get this one.
 Pretty green leaf.
  Addy is a natural at this.

 Here she is sporting some ski gear.
 I think I will bring her along this year when Logan and I go skiing.
 One more outfit...
 And an iced chocolate for the road.

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