Friday, November 22, 2013

Namsan Tower in the fall

 On Veterans Day we decided to take advantage of the day off and go to Namsan Tower.  We had a bit of trouble finding a place to park so eventually we parked at a museum near the base of the tower.
 The museum is dedicated to Korean anti-Japanese activists.  Outside there is a large bronze statue of An Jung-geun, an activist turned assassin who killed Japan's first prime minister Ito Hirobumi in 1909 just as the Japanese Empire was close to finalizing its annexation of Korea.  To Koreans and many Chinese, he is considered a patriot hero.
 We began our trek up Namsan.  It seams like the leaves changed much later this year which made for beautiful scenery along the trail.
 At the trail head, a man was making leaf hearts.
 Logan and Addy found a new canine friend along the way.  I sure hope that some day I can get Logan a dog.  He is never happier than when he is petting a and loving on a dog.