Sunday, March 16, 2014

Logan plays hoops

 Logan finished up his second season of Basket ball on Yongsan.  I can't believe that it is already over.  Even though the time seems to have flown by, Logan learned so much and showed a lot of improvement over his performance last season.
 As is the case every game, Logan's fan club came along to cheer him on.
 Addy with her retro Punky Brewster/pioneer maid outfit...
 Logan is the one of the youngest but also the tallest on his team.  This comes in handy as he battles for rebounds.
 All of Logan's games were held in the gym at the elementary school on post.
 Basketball has been a great outlet for Logan to get out all of his pent up energy, when he really runs he is super fast!
 Logan usually plays two quarters and for the last two games of the season he really stepped up his game and aggressively went after the ball.  This game Logan had a few good attempts at a basket (one teetered on the rim for a couple of seconds) but nothing went in.  In his second to last game he went "coast to coast" for an excellent basket.
 Here he is lining up for a shot.
 After two quarters of non-stop action, Logan started to wear out.
 On the sidelines, Sadie was giving mom a lot of loves.
 During halftime, Logan never missed a shot.
 Back in the action, the other team double teamed Logan every time he got the ball.  Logan found a teammate and assisted several shots.
 Near the end of his second quarter he pulled a muscle in his shoulder and dramatically played on till the buzzer sounded.
 With the season over, the team went out for pizza and medals.
 Logan is building quite the collection of medals.  We are so proud of him trying his best, learning new things and having fun.
 Pizza well deserved buddy!
Here is a shot of the team.  Great season Hoyas!

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