Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pinewood Derby 2014

 Today was the cub scout pinewood derby for Logan's pack.  Logan had a great time last year and so when Sister Hanson handed out the kits for cars last month, Logan put a lot of though into what design he wanted to do.  One night at dinner, Logan said, "I want do build a TRON car."  So I hopped on the computer and looked at a few pictures of the TRON light cycle and drafted up a couple of designs for Logan to choose from.  Next, we took it to the the wood shop on post to have it cut out.  Logan sanded down all of the rough spots and then it was ready for paint.  We put a few coats of black and then we got some masking tape and masked off some cool lines to make it look like it was from TRON.  Logan wanted to use blue paint but we couldn't find any so we ended up going with silver which turned out pretty good.
 Here Logan is registering at the race.  We used a dremel tool to hollow out some space in the bottom of the car to add weight.  We used 500 won coins to get as close as we could to the limit.  At registration we added another 100 won coin to make weight.  Next we put some graphite on the axles and then waited for the races to start.

 This year the pack from the northern branch joined us.
 There were a lot of cool designs.  One scout made a minecraft zombie that turned out really cool.  Another kid left his car as a block.  There was a really cool batmobile too.

 While the timers were being calibrated, the scouts took turns telling jokes.
 After a few heats, it was Logan's turn to see how his car was going to do.
 3rd place... but Logan was a great sport about it.  We are proud of how much he has grown in a year.
 Sadie watched from the sidelines and cheered on her big brother.

 I got some Sadie love too.

 One of the heats, Logan's car came in first place.  Logan was so happy!  I don't think that his car came in first at all last year.
 Here is the photo finish.
 Logan's time improved a bit over last year's Mario car.
 Logan, Luca, and Logan are fun to watch.  Logan is truly blessed to have such good friends.  They all gave each other complements after each race, and cheered when Logan Barney's car made it to the quarter finals.
 After the races were done, there were refreshments.
Then the boys held their own race on the floor of the cafeteria.  Fun times, Logan sure is enjoying cub scouts!

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