Thursday, May 15, 2014

Miles Armando Cottrell

 On 13 May 2014 our lives were again changed forever with the addition of this little angel to the Cottrell family.  Miles Armando Cottrell was born at 7:49 pm at the 121st Army Hospital in Seoul Korea.  He weighed in at 8 lbs 7.5 oz, and was 21.5 inches long.  Little miles is about 2 weeks early and almost arrived a week earlier than that.  On Sunday, the 4th of May, Amber started feeling contractions fairly regularly from about 5:00 pm till nearly midnight.  Then they went away.  On Monday morning, we went into the clinic to check to make sure the baby was okay since we had never experienced false labor to that extent with any of the other kids.  The baby was fine, and Amber was measured to be at 4 cm.  The doctor said that he could come anytime.  Later on Monday, the contractions came back, much stronger but less regular.  Again, they went away around midnight.  This really got us worried since contractions that strong had meant that birth was imminent for the other kids.  Tuesday we returned to the clinic to check on the baby, and this time, the nurses all looked at us like we were crying wolf and told us to go home.  At that moment, Amber decided that she was not going to go to the hospital again unless she was positive the baby was coming.  Amber went on living as if she wasn't about to give birth.  We went walking a lot, and even went to a John Mayer concert, all along, Amber endured sporadic contractions and sleepless nights.  On Tuesday 13 May, Amber had another appointment and once again she was measured to be at 4 cm and so Amber dropped me off at work and planned to stay there until 6:30 pm.  Amber spent the day busy with the kids.  While she was at the park with some friends, the contractions returned, more intense than before and consistent every 5 - 6 minutes.  She called me at about 6:00 pm to tell me to get a cab home so I left work.  When I got home, she had showered and fed all of the kids and was obviously in a lot of pain.  I called up our neighbors downstairs to have them come up to watch the kids, and Amber put Sadie down to sleep.  We rushed to the hospital, arrived at 7:02 pm and were greeted by some of the same nurses who had been present for Amber's false labor.  They checked her and she was still at 4 cms.  While they were hooking her up to the monitors, we overheard one of the nurses in the lobby remark that Amber was in a week prior at 4 cm and would be 4 cm until the baby was due at the end of May.  Meanwhile I was trying to explain that Amber has a history of quick deliveries (the doctor missed Sadie's birth and she was delivered by the nurses...), but it was hard to compete with all the naysayers in the lobby.  Amber's labor was noticeably more intense and I got the feeling that one of the Korean nurses believed me.  By 7:25 pm Amber had progressed to 7 cm and the nurses began to get nervous.  That is when they called the doctor and admitted Amber to the delivery room.  Unknown to us at the time, Amber was strep b positive and the nurses were freaking out and kept telling Amber she needed to have antibiotics administered via IV.  Amber would have none of it.  She told me later it was because she remembered from Addy's birth that the antibiotic doesn't do any good unless it is administered a few hours prior to delivery.  At 7:30 pm the ER doctor arrived in the delivery room since Amber's doctor hadn't arrived yet.  He didn't look to comfortable, we guess he hadn't delivered a baby in some time.  He confirmed with the nurses that he was just going to wait around until the on-call doctor arrived.  He backed away from the table about 2 yards just as Amber had a really strong contraction that burst her water and sent it shooting across the room effectively drenching the ER doctor from the neck to his waist.  He toweled off and got in position to catch.  One push later and we could see Miles's head, one more push and he was out and taking his first breath.  Unlike our other kids, Miles started to cry which is funny because, Amber always gets worried right after childbirth when she doesn't hear a cry (having been conditioned by births portrayed in film).  Miles's cry is distinctively similar to Logan's when he was born.  It is less a cry and more a longing desperate moan.  About three minutes later the on-call doctor arrived and took over.  Our babies always make an entrance. Having witnessed this miracle a few times now, I do have to say that this one in spite of the multiple false starts, was the smoothest and quickest I have seen.
 We were grateful to the on-call doctor because he was in no hurry to get measurements and let Amber hold Miles for a few minutes.
 When I first saw Miles, I knew his name would be Miles.  His face reminded me of Logan's and his hair reminded me of Sadie's.  Yes, we have another blonde on our hands, heaven help us if he is as crazy as Sadie is :).
 As for his middle name, we decided on Miles Armando Cottrell for similar reasons that we named Logan as we did. I have never had a lot of friends but I have had a few really good ones that I feel God put in my path for my benefit. They were powerful influences for good. And I am grateful every day for them blessing my life. Logan Kovacs always helped me to keep my bar high. I often think of how different my life would be had I found a different friend on my street who didn't prompt me to choose the right. I have already been able to use Logan's story to teach my Logan some important lessons about being a valiant son of God and the importance of enduring to the end. Where do I start with Armando? He took me in when I moved to a new school and has been a fierce friend ever since. He took me to EFY where I met Amber. His example will be a great resource for providing baby Miles a daily reminder of how he should strive to live.
 My wife is a rock star.  Four babies, three of which were all natural.  I know she endures great pain but in her own special way she embraces it and I admire her for it.  The result is pure happiness.
 Nothing in this world compares to holding a newborn.  I love it and I miss it.
 Miles's hair looked red at first glance but once they washed it up, it looks just like Sadie's when she was born.
 A couple of days before he was born, Amber knitted a couple of beanies for Miles.

 Miles looks around more than I remember the others doing.  When the nurse put him on the warming table he turned his head to the right and opened his eyes for a good 10 minutes.
 Miles is our second baby born at the 121st.  I think it is awesome that I have had babies born at a place mentioned in the M*A*S*H* series.  If someone had told me when I was a missionary here that I would be back in Korea and have babies born here, I probably wouldn't have believed it, though I probably would have hope it would be true.
 The day after Miles was born, the other kids came to meet their new little brother.

 Sadie sounds so cute when she says his name.
 Logan prayed Miles here.  He has wanted a little brother so badly and now he finally has one.  I remember feeling the same way about my little brother.
 Addysen is so cute, her birthday is on the 18th and all she wanted was for her little brother to be born on her birthday.  Miles came early but Addy won't hold it against him.
 I love my family!
 This is what a sleeping angel looks like.

 Here he is, strapped in and ready to go to home.
 He stayed awake for his first journey to the outside world.
Little Miles, we love you.  You have been on our minds for months now, but holding you feeding you, watching you sleep and even changing your diaper these past few days has changed us.  We are so grateful you are here and that you are ours forever.  Sweet dreams little gnome.


Amy said...

I loved reading Miles birth story! Congrats!!!!

Stacee said...

Beautiful story! Congratulations on your new addition, he is adorable!

Jocelyn Wong said...

Oh that was the best tale of birth! Spence you are truly an amazing father! Amber you are crazy strong! Your kids are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents to guide them through this life. Love you all!

RunHeatherRun said...

I love it!!!! What a beautiful baby with a beautiful story! I love his name too! I feel lucky to have been witness to some of your story.

Shennie said...

Congratulations! Now you have four beautiful children!