Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Break 2014 Kimcheon

 The next stop on our spring break road trip was Kimcheon.  This is one of our favorite stops.  It is a good mid-point between Seoul and Chinhae, and it was also where I spent the last 6 months of my mission.  I knew a little old lady that owned and worked an apricot orchard like the one above.  The blossoms really do look like popcorn (Sadie was quick to point that out).
 On the road we came up behind a double-decker swine transport... smelled pretty ripe.
 If you ever find your self in Kimcheon you must go to Jikjisa.  Very beautiful and not very crowded.
 Our good friends, the Woodfields joined us on this leg of the trip.  Little Eli is a blast.
 The temple was beautiful since it got a fresh coat of paint in preparation for Buddha's birthday.  Unlike the decor at Mungyeong, this was really paint.
 I love these girls!
 Sadie and Addy playing around the spring.
 Buddha's birthday is still over a month away but the lanterns were being put up.
 I have seen these paintings before but there is something special about a fresh coat of paint.

 Sadie gets candy and money from Korean Grandmas and Grandpas everywhere we go.
 Where the wild things are.

 I love how behind the damaged painting you can see the exposed clay filled walls.  This is as authentic as it gets.

 Here is what it looks like just before the new paint job.

 Logan and Mom taking a breather.

 Every time I go to the hall of a thousand Buddhas I will be reminded of David and Caitlyn's visit.  This is where we revealed the gender of the baby we all know now as Oliver.
 Baby Eleanor sure loves Logan.
 So beautiful.

I am sure we will be back soon.  Until then, we move on to Chinhae and then to Chinju.

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amylynr said...

Such great pictures. Love that place. Thanks for the updates!