Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun Service Day!

Amber posted:
Today was so much fun. After a lot of work and preparation we had our Quarterly Enrichment Activity where we made items to put in Breast Cancer Survivor bags that Anne Arundel Hospital hands out. It was awesome and we had such a great success. I appreciate all those helping hands that are behind the scenes that make big activities like this come together. It really takes so many and it all worked out.

*We ended up with a lot of donations of small travel size lotions etc.
*We had Sister Brown and her daughters who made beaded book marks that are so pretty in advance because she wasn't able to come today.
*We hand made 24 zipper pulls that were just gorgeous!
*We made 84 pillows today and many took material home to help finish.
*We had sisters in the ward make scarves from about the last two months if that, and we have collected 40 and they are all beautiful and full of love.

It is just so overwhelming to watch something like this come together. My numbers might be a little off and I am sure they will increase with time but I think it is just incredible!! I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many women willing and able to serve. What great friends we have and I am so happy to be apart of the Relief Society organization and all we can do as sisters joined together. We are so blessed! It is also so great just to get together with friends and while we serve together we get to visit and grow closer together. I am sorry for all of you who missed out on a fun, wonderful day!


Cami said...

It was awesome! And I spent another couple hours doing some more pillows! How exciting. You did a great job and I'm sure the ladies will love everything. And definitely more people participated than actually came, so you should count those people!!

Christie said...

It warms my heart every time we all get together and do a service like this. What a wonderful opportunity for each of us. Thank YOU for all the hard work that you put into pulling this whole day off.

supersonicjan said...

Oh man, it sounded so cool. I was sad I couldn't go (I didn't want to get other people sick and bed really sounded like the right choice for me yesterday) but I'm sure you did a great job!

Emily said...

It feels so good to serve, thanks for pulling this all together and giving us the oppertunity!

Tracy said...

So sad I missed it! I need a second husband to help run the kids to parties and sports when he's out of town so I don't miss these events.

Alyson said...

i agree about relief society... it is a definate blessing!

question... how do you post pictures so that they just rotate within the same frame? i have a million disney pics to post, but i don't want to take up tuns of space.

Kellie said...

I'm late commenting on this Amber, but I'm so glad it all came together and that you are pleased with the results! Bless you for all your hard work!