Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chinhae Fun

 We woke up early and before heading to the lantern festival in Chinju, decided we would drive to the ocean to play around a bit.
 Here are the rails that start at the port and go to the Naval base and then up North from there.  I don't think that they have been used in a while.
 Logan and Addy right away spotted strange creatures in the water...
 Can you see them?
 How about now.  One more reason that Amber and I hate getting in the ocean!
 Sadie saw it as just one more place she wanted to jump into.
 There is my family.
 It has taken 18 months but Sadie is cracking up to be a daddy's girl.  This in turn makes Addy jealous and even more of a daddy's girl.  Who comes out the winner?  This guy:)
 This big ship was offloading sand.
 We noticed that every few minutes, fish would start jumping out of the water.
 Can you see it?
 My beautiful princess Addy.
 My handsome pal Logan.
 I love to watch the ocean... long walks and such.
 As my dad would say... Spun gold.
 Logan tried his hand at taking a picture.  Not bad at all.
 Next we set out for Chinju.  A new highway was finished a couple of years ago so we thought we'd avoid the traffic in Masan and go straight to Chinju.
 Lots of tunnels.
 Korea is beautiful.
 Here is the new bridge.  There is one just like it in Seoul on the way to Inchon.
 There are hundreds of little islands on the southern tip of Korea, that is one of the factors that led Admiral Yi Sun-sin to victory during the Imjin War.
 High rise apartments everywhere.

 Green trees and golden fields, the rice will be harvested any day.

We made it!  To be continued.

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