Saturday, February 09, 2013

Logan the Cub Scout

 Logan and I were so excited when his uniform arrived from the states.  He started in the wolf den a few months ago and has been quickly getting through the requirements.
 I pulled out the sewing machine to put on his patches.  I am starting to figure out why my mom resorted to using the hot glue gun...
 Almost done...
 For his first pack meeting, the entertainment was a local magician.

 Next they worked on their geography pin and belt loop.

 Logan was a little bummed that they didn't have his bobcat award yet, but he was a good sport and he is really excited to progress.
 Last weekend was the blue and gold banquet.  The boys were asked to put together a family tree.  Logan was excited to show off his heritage and pictures of his loved ones.

 For pack meeting leading up to the banquet, the boys worked on decorations.  Sadie loved the lemon heads.
 The boys were asked to bring food representative of their ancestry.  Logan helped us make some pancake balls which we are sure are native to somewhere in Europe where all of our ancestors are from...  Other selections included potatoes, pizza, spaghetti, french fries and fried chicken.
 Logan was super excited to win a stop watch for answering some scout trivia.

 Now the moment that Logan has been waiting a long time for.  His awards...
 He has been so excited to get his bobcat award.  He also picked up a couple of belt loops.
 Mommy pinned on his badge and Logan pinned on her bobcat pin.

 I am so proud of my little cub scout.  I am sure Great Grandpa Cottrell is proud too.
Next month... the pinewood derby!

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