Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pyongchang January 2013 skiing with Logan

 Last year, Logan and I went to Pyongchang where he went skiing for the first time.  When the opportunity came up to go again this year, we were excited to go again.  There was a lot more snow this year, which meant that all of the lifts were open and there were a lot fewer bare spots on the runs.
 It was a beautiful day.  No clouds, bright and sunny, but very brisk.
 Logan took a couple of runs to remember how to make pizza and turn.  But after that, he was pro.

 Since it was a US holiday and not a Korean holiday, we had the mountain/hill to ourselves for most of the day.  We didn't have to wait to get on the lifts and rode up alone.

 We were also able to take care of his cub scout requirements for the Skiing belt loop and the skiing sports pin.
 Logan did have a little bit of a scare when out of nowhere, just as we were getting ready to sit on the quad chair, a Korean lady and her daughter slid out of control down to get on our chair with us.  The only problem was that I was on the left end of the chair and though Logan was right next to me, the lady slid in between us.  To make things worse, her pole was wedged under her ski in a way that Logan started to slide off of her lap and off the lift.  This would have been good timing for the lift operator to stop the chair but the lady who was concerned for Logan kept saying "okay, okay", which the operator in turn took to mean that we were "okay.".... We weren't okay.  Further up the hill I was holding onto Logan as he dangled from the chair.  I reached over with my other hand to move the lady's ski pole out of the way and finally I could lift him back up onto the chair.  I was a little angry but I could tell that the lady was just as scared as we were.  On our way down the hill, I was playing follow the leader with Logan and his ski fell off.  I was 50 yards down the hill from him and started hiking up when the lady from the lift stopped and helped him put his ski back on.  Good karma.

 At the top of one of the lifts was this big beautiful snow dog.  He looked like a mix of a golden retriever, a saint bernard, and a Korean jindo.  Logan loves dogs as much as life itself, so he spent some time getting some puppy love.
 We sure had a fun time.  I can hardly wait to go again.

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