Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 So I am a bit late posting this, but better late than never.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I just wanted to put up a few pictures to document it.  We gave up doing our own turkey years ago since no matter what Amber tries to do, we are severely limited due to our tiny crappy oven.  For the past few years we have ordered spicy chicken legs and tenders from BBQ chicken.  Unfortunately, this year, the BBQ we normally order from was closed.  So we ate all of our sides first, then picked up a Cajun turnkey from Popeye's.  Here you can see Amber working on the rolls and the pies dip and potatoes.  Thanksgiving is still surprisingly a lot of work even when you aren't cooking a bird.
 Addy did a photo shoot the day before Thanksgiving and they used a ton of fresh flowers and sent some home with Amber after the shoot.  These yellow roses made for a great centerpiece.
 What do you do with left over pie crust dough?  cover them with cinnamon and sugar and then bake them... they were delicious!
 One of my biggest culture shock moments from my mission was my first Thanksgiving and Christmas in Korea.  I was used to having huge meals with roast beef, ham and Turkey, but in Korea, I had kimchi soup, bean sprouts with rice and mandarin oranges.  At the time I thought it was kind of strange to have oranges but now, I look forward to the orange season.  Thanksgiving morning Logan and I went out to the street market by our apartment and bought a case.
 Amber's 7 layer dip was a life saver while we were waiting for our main dish to arrive.  She made the guacamole and it was perfect.
 Logan taking a little break before dinner.
 Addy patiently awaiting turkey.
 This year may have been our last Thanksgiving dinner with the Loyds in Korea.  They have joined us for the past 5 thanksgivings.  We are going to miss them when they leave next year.

Sadie bug!

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