Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thanks Grandma Pauleen

Yesterday things were kind of crazy so we didn't get out to pick up the mail. Today after I got back from hometeaching, I checked the mail box and there was a little package from Grandma Pauleen! Logan loves getting mail ( he freaks out over post cards, junk mail, ads...) We opened it up and there was a book, a pillowcase and some slides for his view master. We just finished reading the book and Logan is now sleeping on his new pillowcase, and the mickey slides were a huge hit. Thanks for making his day!


JandJ said...

I'm LOVING all your posts lately. Probably cause we love and miss you like crazy. You guys are the best and your kids are adorable.

Alyson Duffin said...

He is soooo cute!! I can't believe how much he talks! Man! I'm so excited to play with all of you in Disneyland! 2 wks! AHAHAHAH!!! Look out Mickey... Here we come!!!!

The Scott Family said...

What a C-U-T-I-E! I love the way he talks. THat must have just melted her to pieces.