Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas lights and trains in Seoul

 Amber has been wanting to go and see the lights and train set at the Millennium Hilton in Seoul.  So after work, we decided to check it out.
 Parked on what seemed to be a cliff.
 Once inside, we were greeted with this ginormous tree which filled the entire lobby.
 The kids just kind of stopped and stared at the sight.
 Addy tried out Santa's chair.
 Then the others joined in... Santa has a big caboose.
 I can't believe we are going to have another little one by next Christmas.
 On the wall, there were little porcelain Santas dressed in traditional costumes from around the world.
 I'm not too sure about the Santa from China...
 Under the tree there is an awesome miniature mountainside with several little trains running through the miniature villages.
 So much to look at.  It was funny to see all these Swiss/German looking cottages with a little bit of Korea thrown in here and there.

 Addy and Logan enjoying the scenery.
 So true...  I miss you my old friend... 3 months and counting.
 Pretty impressive, I think we will add this to our annual Christmas traditions list.

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