Saturday, December 21, 2013

Up with the tree 2013

 With Thanksgiving over, it was time to put up the tree.  We lucked out this year, we pulled the tree out of the box plugged it in and what to our wondering eyes did appear, NO DEAD STRINGS!  Which was really lucky since all of the lights at the Four Seasons store sold out the day after Thanksgiving.  No dead lights = no need to redo the tree again.
 We watched a little Darius Rucker on youtube and got out the boxes full of Christmas toys and legos.  The kids had to wait for me to do a set before we could put out the ornaments.
 Here is the spread for this year.  We have add a few new ones, unfortunately we are running out of tree to put them on...
 Sadie loves Christmas music so when it came on, she put on her dance costume and started to dance.  I love dancing with my girls.  This day was I was especially lucky, she gave me some good loves.  I usually have to beg for hugs from my psycho baby.
 She just kept wrapping her arms around my neck and squeezing.
 I love this baby!  Look at that face...
 Then mommy came and got some Sadie love too.
 Even Logan got some hugs.
 Next it was time for putting on the ornaments.
 This is one of the new ornaments we added this year.  It is a Buddha bell from our trip to Thailand.
 Addy and Sadie covered the bottom of the tree...
 Logan helped Sadie and covered the middle of the tree.
 Also new this year is the product of years of Amber's hard work.  She has been knitting new Christmas stocking s for the past few years.  She got pretty far on all of them but never started the heel since she wasn't quite sure how to do it.  Thanks to to some online videos, she figured it out and pushed forward on stockings for all three of the kids.  I am sure by next year she will have three more done for me and her as well as for the mystery baby when it gets here and gets a name.
 Here it is... the finished product of our labors.
 Also new this year is a carving of a Korean Santa.  We went to Itaewon looking to buy a carved nativity set, but there were none to be bought.  Just as we were about to leave, this Santa caught my eye and I thought it would be a perfect addition to our growing collection.
 He is a jolly cute little guy.
 Next up.  Christmas pajamas.  This time the kids got Mickey and Minnie holiday cozies.
 Logan is growing up so big.  I think he is going to be taller than me before we know it.  We sure love this guy.  He surprises us everyday.
 Little Sadie sure loved her new PJs.
 Addy gave me a good smile.  She has grown up too much this year.  I was looking at pictures of our first Christmas in Korea when she was 1.  I can't believe that she is going to school and reading and writing.  I wish time would slow down.

 Here is a close up of one of the bells we brought back from Thailand.  I was a little disappointed in the souvenir choices.  All made in China.  If I ever go traveling to China I will be more than happy to buy something made there, but in Thailand, I wanted something that at least appeared to be from there.  We purchased two bells and were happy to see something similar hanging from the roof of one of the temples in Bangkok.
 I picked up this little beauty when I met up with my dad in DC this fall.  It is the White House ornament for 2013 and depicts our fattest president (Taft) taking a drive in a very sporty looking motorcar.
 Though not new, this one always makes me smile.  It reminds me of my mother.
 This is probably my favorite ornament.  My father made this out of the trunk of the first Christmas tree that Amber and I spent together as a married couple.  It has been on every tree since.
This one is new from my parents.  They went to Disneyland and picked up this as well as the one below.  I can't believe that it has been 3 years since we went to Disneyland last.  I hope we can go again before our kids get to old.

 This is also new, my dad has a hobby of wood working.  He made us this cute little Santa tree last year.  Once he retires from dentistry we are going to put him to work making more cool stuff like this!

Some of our Santas.

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Wow, that ornament from your first Christmas tree is such a treasure! Lucky to have such a talented father. I also love the Korean Santa - so fun ;)