Friday, October 03, 2008

Addy-Bri Time

Sorry for those of you who live close and see our kids all the time, you are probably thinking Amber this is a little much. But for all of our family and friends far away here are a ton of pictures of our kids. I am now caught up but stay tuned for our Disneyland trip!
Addysen is getting so big she is loving her toys. I can't believe she is big enough to play in this.
Addy is such a happy baby. I am getting so spoiled. It was cute the other day someone asked Logan what his sisters name was and he said "Addy-Bri". He sure loves her too.
I love that little face when her lip comes out.
She is really liking to put things in her mouth. She has just lately started to put her blankets in her mouth. We pick her up and it is soaking wet. It is pretty crazy because my sister Briana who Addy is named after put her silky in her mouth as a baby.
My kids bring me such joy! I thought motherhood couldn't get any better with Logan and man was I wrong. Having two makes my love for both of them double.
Look at all that hair some days we don't get it done and watch out. Crazy hair, it is getting so long.

She loves being "Super Addy"!
Smiling all the time.
I love being a mother. I appreciate the opportunity I have to try my best to teach them and raise them up to be great adults. I love watching Spencer with both Addy and Logan. His face lights up and he is a fantastic father. We are so blessed to have a family of our own. (Sorry some of the photos aren't all in focus but it is hard I hold the camera in place and then make Addy smile and so sometimes they are a little blurry.)


Julia A said...

don't apologize for posting lots of pictures--I live close and still don't get to see your kids very much! And they are adorable!

Spencers said...

Addy is so beautiful and Logan, so handsome! I love having 2 kids too. They have such different personalities, it's fun to watch what they will do next. Addy has so much gorgeous hair! I wouldn't know what to do because Shada is bald. It's easy.

Christie said...

Super cute pictures. What a darling little smilie princess. :-) I love her smile

Camren and Tiffany said...

Hey Amber love the pictures! Jade was looking with me and she said " Wow Addy is getting big she's so cute" Thanks for the info on getting judd our pictures I did it so hopefully it worked!

Cami said...

Oh, she's wearing the pink dress! Cute. She is a total doll. Man, Janey is always sucking on things too. You can't change her diaper without her grabbing her shirt and getting it sopping!

Harding Family said...

Amber your kids are so cute! I hope you guys have a blast in Disneyland! Post lots of pictures when you get home!