Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving (for real this time)

Like I mentioned before, Thanksgiving was excellent. We woke up, Logan and I hopped in the car and went to the gas station to buy a paper so we could look at the ads. Then we had a wonderful breakfast with pancakes and eggs and then we headed over to the Turpin's house. From there, we followed Jake and Cami to Emily and KC's house. On the drive we listened to Bing Crosby and some Johnny Mathis. Logan got into an endless loop of "Santa Clause is comin to town"... so much for checking the list twice, In Logan's version, he checks it about a million times:) We arrived at KC & Emily's beautiful home and were surprised to walk in to find that the meal was nearly ready to eat! I don't know how they did it, but here it was near lunch time and we were about to sit down to a delicious spread of every Thanksgiving food imaginable. Check out the Turpin's blog for some beautiful pics that do this meal justice.... Click Here. They even had a small table put aside for the boys. Here they are in all of their glory:)Meanwhile, Addy and Jane joined us at the table. Addy was sportin the pig-tails... very cute!
The meal was delicious. After eating, we left for the Turpin's house and spent the day just talking, looking over the black Friday ads and even played a round of Password. We left a tad early since the tryptophan started kicking in. We had a wonderful time, and no Emily, your food did not make us sick! We only wish we could do that every week!


Dana said...

Addy, you are such a cutey! You're as pretty as your mom. In this picture, you soooooo remind me of your cute cousin Emily.

Cami said...

It was VERY fun. What's up with everyone letting ME do all the work telling the whole story? Really, your concise telling was much more enjoyable to read. Good job.

Emily said...

Hooray, No food born illnesses! Not that I'm known for that or anything, it was just a coincidence that KC got sick that night.

Anyway, thanks again for coming. Let's do it again sometime (minus the turkey and everything. Regular food will do just fine.)