Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daddy we love you!

Amber Posted:

"Good Morning Daddy" that is what Logan is saying in this picture. We are having fun but we miss you..........

Addysen enjoying Durangos company. She likes him so much.

Our happy little girl. She is so sweet and loveable. Logan is getting more and more used to Durango it is neat to see hime warm up.

Ryan is doing awesome at his new job and working really long days so Durango is so happy to see him when he finally gets home. (Check out his huge paw) He loves to lick his face and snuggle.

Brody is the most smily and happy little fellow. Addy and Brody sit and play side by side really well. They are cute and having fun together and this time Brody saw Addysens binki and he kept pulling it out and smiling huge and then putting it back in. Addy is a bit of a fire ball when she is bugged.....I guess you could say she has some sugar and SPICE. Anyhow she got mad at him. It was funny. He thought it was a really cool game she wasn't quite so sure what to think.

This is when we first made it back home after our plane ride. She missed her hubby, here is a HAPPY BREEZY! They are sure cute. Thanks Ryan for letting Bri come and visit us in Maryland. We had a blast and sure miss living close.
We didn't get into Grandma and Grandpas house until 10:30 p.m. and 12:30 am Maryland time. But Addy and Logan were really excited to see Durango. The dog is so mellow and really gentle with the kids. She just laughed and laughed. It was amazing. She seriously just giggled she thinks the dog is pretty cool. I was kinda surprised at her reaction. Grandpa is pretty happy about that. (Check out the dog doing a high 5 with my mom he missed her.)

The plane ride was awesome. Maybe one of the best that we have had. Both kids were so patient! They are so good at flying and really well behaved. It was extra helpful to have Bri and my mom . Logan wanted nothing to do with me or Mom it was all Breezy. It was cute. She is so good with him and they had fun watching a movie and playing together.

It was really nice to not have a full flight because we had extra seats. It was great to have more room. Grandma and Addy had a good time, at one point Addysen was looking out the window on Grandmas lap seeing all the lights and she was about to fall asleep. She did good on the plane she just wished she was in her bed. This girl loves her bed.
I had to post this picture to show how social our Logan is. He was saying hi to everyone in the airport. He talked to this little boy and asked what he was playing looked at the game and then he came and sat at this table. Before I knew it the little boy came over and sat next to Logan let him listen to the head phones while the little boy played. They had a great time and it helped to pass the time.

We are enjoying our time with Grandma, Grandpa, Durango, Cam, Tiff, Jade, Brody, Ryan and Bri. We will have lots more pictures to come. Jade and Logan are playing great and making lots of good memories. I feel bad I didn't get any pics of them playing at Jades house with all of her fun toys but it is awesome to be with family. We miss our other cousins in California wish they were here too! :-) Spencer we love you thanks for working hard for our family.


Jann said...

It looks like you are having so much fun. Thanks for sharing Bri and your mom with me for a few hours. It was really fun.

Deb said...

who wants a mom when they have an aunt to play with - or a dog? glad you're having fun. we miss logan, though!

The Scott Family said...

It's so neat to see all of your family grown up with kids and cousins. Glad you're having such a nice trip. I'm also so jealous that your kids are good on flights!