Sunday, January 11, 2009

We're still here!!!

Sorry for the long break, there is a perfectly logical reason for me going nearly a month without even putting up a sentence... I AM LAZY!!! Any how, I kept getting further and further behind and every time I sat down and was going to put something up, I just felt overwhelmed by all of the stuff that I was behind on so... the situation sort of perpetuated its self... So in order to get back on track, I went through about a thousand pictures we took since the last post and picked a few to put up and then I will just start over. So here we are.

Logan and Addy are growing up fast, sometimes it seems like it is too fast. They had a lot of fun at Christmas. It was hard to be away from family but it was sure great to spend all of that time together and to see Logan get excited here in our own place. We slept out by the tree, we watched tons of Christmas movies including Logan's favorite, Rudolph. We Woke up early and stayed up late, it was all you could ever hope for.
We sure love our little angels and we can all hardly wait for Christmas to come again. We hope all of you out there had a memorable Christmas as well.

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Vyanca said...

what a precious picture