Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A peek at our adventures thus far...

It is hard to believe that we have been here for almost three months. Yet in three months we have managed to fit in so many experiences, we still have a bunch of catching up to do, and at the rate we are going (going places and taking pictures) we have a long way to go. So... here for your viewing pleasure, are some random pictures that represent Korea to us. When Amber's parents were here visiting, they saw many of the places that Judd (the former Elder Asay) served and met many of his friends. We will post on the people soon, so keep tuned:)
Beautiful Miryang, I never served there but rode a train through many times, from the pictures, I can tell this is definitely a place that I want to see, I doubt Amber will put up a fight.
Here is some more of Miryang, I just noticed that we don't have any of the Kimcheon pictures, I will have to find them.
This picture is Seoul in a nutshell, people everywhere, all in a hurry. Sometimes you just have to sit back and wait for them to pass so you can get through.
This is Namdaemun market.
This is the Mongolian horse show we saw on Cheju island, it was very entertaining, and thanks to Judd's friend, Grace, we had excellent seats.
I will have to put up a video of this. We went to Cheju the same time that a typhoon swerved past us and hit Taiwan. The downside was, all of the beaches were closed to swimming (even though the waves were as small as ever). The plus side was these monstrous waves on the South side of the island which sent spray shooting hundreds of feet up the lava cliffs and over our heads, the sound of the concussion caused by the water hitting the wall was amazing, it made us all feel small.
Here is one of the other beaches we went to, below is where the famous Haenyo (diver women) have shop set up. We spent a few hours down there collecting sea glass while Logan played in the dirt.
Our first night in Cheju we watched the sun set on the North side of the island, it was magical.
Judd took us to several parks and gardens where the 'grandpa gods' were a common sight.
This is a detail of one of the ceilings at the Yongbok palace in Seoul, I love how detailed everything was.
Here you can see the roof tiles contrast on the hills behind the palace. Really beautiful country.
More of the Palace.
Logan and Addy fit right in:)

We will post more as soon as we can... with people in them, I promise.


Dana said...

Spence, love the new blog!!It is truly awesome! You are so talented. Thanks for the Korea pictures and we look forward to many more! We sure loved our time over there with you and the fam. We do look forward to another visit--and pray that we don't 'get' to have an experience like Amber's! =) Love you lots, Dana

Tracy said...

Love your new blog look and those individual pictures! I didn't know you could do all that. It looks like an amazing place! Enjoy it because you need to come back!

nephi-lee said...

사진이 정말 멋지군요. 한국을 이렇게 아름답게 표현하다니, 놀랍습니다.

Cami said...

This looks SO amazing! It's so great you guys get this experience.