Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tell your friends about me

Logan turned 4 yesterday and has had a blast with his fun new toys. When Gma Dana and Gpa Allen were here, he had a party with uncle Judd, then a few days ago he got a card from Great Gma Cottrell, as well as a package from Aunt KR, Gma Pauleen and Gpa Court. Here is a little montage of him becoming Batman. He loved the presents and now the only trouble is convincing him to take it off for baths and bed. Thanks!


Corinne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Preston and I were looking at Joy School picture today and I could tell he was thinking about his buddy Logan :) MISS YOU@@

Deb said...

happy birthday, cute logan! whenever jared talks about his sunbeam class, he always notes that logan wasn't there today. he's still waiting for him to return. :)

Christie said...

He is SO dang cute!! Happy birthday big boy!

Jann said...

Happy Birthday Logan. This video made me laugh out loud. So fun.

Cami said...

Oh my gosh, he is so funny. Happy Birthday!!

Grandpa Courtland said...

Dear Logan and Spencer-

I finally got to watch Logan open his present with sound and music and sound effects that you added Spence, and Addy's laughter. It was great !!!!!

Spencer, you are so clever. I loved it. Thank you. We really love you new KOREA logo on your new blog. It is so professioanl and creative. You guys make Korea look like so much fun. I can hardly wait to come see you all !!!

Tons of love,