Saturday, July 06, 2013

Fun with the Cottrells at Scheels

After a fun morning working on the sunroom, we went to Scheels.  Last year we were in Utah and the construction was almost finished.  We love walking through Cabela's so we were super excited to see what was inside Scheels.
Right as you enter into the building, there is a double archway made out of a huge acrylic fish tank.  This reminded us a lot of the COEX aquarium in Korea.
Logan pointed out a lot of the fish that we saw in Hawaii.
Berkeley came along for the fun.
Sadie bug and Kristen taking a stroll around the archway.
In the center of Scheels there is a giant Ferris wheel.  We just had to try it out, so we all went and bought wooden tokens.
Even Grandpa got in on the fun.
It is so fun to be together with the family.
Here are the cousins anxiously waiting their turn to ride.
Finally it was time to go around.
Grandma and Grandpa.
Stealing a kiss.

There is exciting wild life around every corner.  Grandpa was nearly taken down by this giant grizzly bear.
Duck Dynasty had its own section.  You can even buy Uncle Si's cup.
Logan, Uncle David and Grandpa went on a wildebeest hunting safari.
Logan found a helmet that he really liked.
Overall we had a "HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY" time.

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