Monday, July 08, 2013

Sundance with the Asay crew... The arrival

 Every year when we come to America to visit, the Asay's gather for as long as they can for card games, adventure and fun.  This year we rented a cabin in Sundance for a week.  After a couple about an hour of "are we there yet" we finally made our way up Provo canyon and onto the Alpine scenic loop.  We turned onto Mile 23 Lane and weaved down a little dirt road by some cabins.
 We saw a couple of wild turkeys.
 And then there it was, our destination.  And Grandma, Grandpa, Bri and Maddux were waiting for us.
 Maddux has grown so much since we saw him last.  Logan was happy to have another boy around to play with.
 Sadie was happy to see Grandma.
 And Addy gave Grandpa one of her famous "back up" hugs.
 The cabin provided hours of play on the giant rope swing and the zip-line.
 The cousins played for hours, and when they went to sleep, the aunts and uncles had a go.
 After all of the cousins arrived, Grandpa gave them some survival gear: compass, flashlight, and pocket knife.  Then each of the uncles gave safety tips.
 Maddux loves his light.
 Logan was really excited about his compass.
 The younger kids got cool key-chains in place of knives.
 Grandpa showing the ways of closing the knife.
Emily got some on-the-spot guidance from Jason.  For the next week, we had activity-filled days and fun-filled nights.  More to follow.

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