Friday, July 05, 2013

Working on the sun room at the Cottrell's

 The day after arriving in Utah, I woke up to the sound of tools hitting the deck above the room we were sleeping in.  A combination of time change and lack of sleep made it hard to roll out of bed.  It was worth it. Grandpa has wanted to enclose the deck in the back yard and make it into a sunroom.
 David, Jason and my dad started working on it a few weeks ago and have been trying to spend a few hours each Saturday.  So far they have cut down the old railing and laid down the floor.  We finished the framing for the west and north walls.  I am glad that Logan got the chance to hit a few nails with a hammer with his grandpa and uncles.
 It is always fun working on projects with my dad and brother, brothers-in-law.  It is a good time to talk and shoot the bull.  Otherwise oftentimes when we are all together, it is easy to get distracted with phones, and tablets etc.
 Growing up, I remember helping my dad when he got the itch to build on to the house.  We finished the basement, and built a wood shop in the back yard over the patio.
 Once we finished the west wall, we had to lean it up to get it "out of the way".  It was entertaining to see Dad climb out what was left of a doorway.
 Jason and Kim came and brought Berkeley and Maddox.  It was my first time seeing Maddox in person.  He is one cute kid.  Pictures don't do him justice.  Addy and Berkeley sure had a blast playing together.  It would sure be fun to live close to them.
 Here is my happy Addy.
Logan was sure excited to love on his grandma.
It seems like it has been too long since David and Caitlyn were chilling in Korea with us.  Here Caitlyn is with little Maddox.

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