Monday, July 08, 2013

Richfield with the Blads

After a week of fun with the entire Asay crew at Sundance, we traveled south to Richfield to spend a week with Ryan, Bri, Maddux, Grandma and Grandpa Asay and of course Bo.  Today we woke up early and ate a McDonald's breakfast in the driveway.
 Sadie was a little nervous with Bo at first but she is warming up to him.  He is a puppy in a big dog's body so he is a little clumsy and a little intimidating but sweet to the core.
 Now if only we could get Amber to warm up to him :)
 Maddux showed us his stuff on the tricycle... mad skills.
 Sadie and Maddox sharing a camping chair.
 After breakfast, the sprinkler came out and the kids geared up for some wet and wild fun.
 Maddux figured out how to take control of the spaghetti hose.
 Logan decided to sprint to stay dry.... myth busted.
 Maddux took a break to ride around some more.
 Sadie looking beautiful in the morning sun.

 Maddux takes special care to aim his water tube.
 Bo resting.  He is like Benji but huge.  I want one.
 Lets get another look at Maddux's aiming skills... Aim small miss small.
 After drying off, the blonde cousins hugged.
We bought this bone for Bo but Maddux thought it was for him.  Entertainment ensued.

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