Tuesday, November 24, 2009

French Braid and More

I was able to do a french braid in Addysen's hair for the first time. I was so excited that she sat long enough for me to get it done.
This little girl is something else! She is a true pleasure.
Play dough fun.
Logan looks so handsome these days. The girls at school love him....he can't figure it out.
Grandma Dana sent Logan these to make and he had a blast. I know it is Thanksgiving and I am just barely putting this up....I'm a little slow.
Logan you are one lovable kid. When we went to Namsan Tower they had this huge bear he couldn't resist giving it a hug. I love you buddy!


Corinne said...

That French braid is AWESOME! I can't believe she let you do that! Wow! What a great mommy you are :)

Benjamin said...

Those over-alls are freaking sweet!

Cami said...

That Addy! I tried to do a french braid on Jane the other day to no avail. Argh! Her's looks great!