Sunday, March 07, 2010

Family Bike Ride

Saturday was getting a little warmer and we had some spring fever going on so Spencer got the bikes all ready and we were off. I was a little worried about this little bug below because last year she hated her seat! But as you can see she did just fine. She really loved it and on the way home her head started hitting my back and I knew she had fallen asleep, just like Logan used to do.
She was all cozy and had her binki, blanket and her book next to her. She read that book the whole way to the Han river, and the way home was exhausted she played hard.
Once again we received so many looks. They love Logan's bike add on! Or they thought Spencer and I were crazy for wearing shorts.
We took a lunch and made a great day out of it. I love the SPRING!!
We rode about 5 miles and enjoyed our break playing at this park-ish kind of place.
Logan really loved these walls he had fun climbing all over them.

Addy enjoyed digging in the cracks.....SICKO! And making me crazy, she just giggles and does it on purpose to get my reaction. What a kidder.

This slide was nice and wide.
I was all excited to go with the kids and as Addy sat down her jacket caught my earring and this is the exact moment. "Spencer, Spencer my earring don't step on it!" Luckily we found and no worries.
I wish this picture would turn. Logan loved seeing a Kayak-er in the river.
These benches and seats were at by the trail and the kids got a kick out of them.
Good Ol' Korea. We love this place and are having fun! I love my family and especially the weekends when we all get to be together. If you want to come visit we would love to have anyone at anytime....right now fly out by May 13 Singapore Air from San Fran for $680! I know most of you can't come but I thought I would throw that in. :-) Hopefully summer deals will come up soon.


Our House said...

I've been looking for a bike lately, but I'm so picky:) Joe really wants to go riding together. I can't wait for warmer weather. I'm trying to not complain about this long winter, but I'm just not used to it. Looks like you guys are going ahead and starting your spring early:)

Renee said...

I am so impressed with how adventurous you guys are! I love the addition to Spencer's bike! How fun for Logan to ride with him. You continue to amaze me with your positive attitude - even being so far away from family I can tell you are loving every single minute of it. It reminds me why I always loved you! Keep having are making me jealous. Maybe I will tell Tyler to start looking for positions in Korea! :)

Cami said...

Fun bike riding times! You guys are awesome.

Preston and Angie said...

Looks like fun over there! About the travel bed ... I have no idea if they even still make them like that. My mom held onto it from when we were babies. There is a PeaPod made by KidCo that looks pretty neat though :) You can get that online or at certain stores.