Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Snow Storm

Pretty view from our window.
A couple weeks ago we had big snowstorm for Korea! It was awesome, Spencer had a snow day and didn't have to go to work so we played, played and played.
This is Addy after we she played in the snow for the first time.
She had a good time but didn't last very long.
Logan on the other hand could have played all day long. As it was he and Spence were out for a good 1 1/2 -2 hours.
We came out at the end and that was just enough for both of us.
I felt so bad Logan didn't have snow boots. The first snow storm I had boots from last year, I pulled them out and I thought man these look to little. Logan said, "it's okay mom." so we shoved them on. I asked him again if he was okay and he said he was fine. But on his way back to the house he told Spencer, "Daddy my feet hurt.---BUT don't tell Mommy". Spencer told me he could barely walk. I pulled his boots off and I swear his toes must have been bent in half. I couldn't believe it. He must have thought I wouldn't let him play if I knew it was hurting him. So needless to say this time he just wore his shoes.
Addy made me laugh she could hardly move it reminded me of the kid on Christmas Story.

This is a progression of Logan doing a flip off this mound of snow. It is backwards but you get the idea.

When Spencer and Logan were getting ready they were super cute. The joy that children can bring is amazing!
So glad my kiddos got his pretty eyelashes.
You two are sure good lookin'


Grandpa Courtland said...

You guys make snow look fun ! Logan must have really been having a good time, in order to be out there for two hours with his toes scrunched in those boots. Mind over matter.

They both look adorable in their snow clothes. You are so blessed that Spencer got a snow day and was able to spend it with the kids.

Love Grandma and Grandpa C.

Renee said...

Such great pictures! Looks like they loved every minute of it. I can't belive that your cousin delivered a baby in the car...amazing!!!!

Corinne said...

So fun! I love snow play with my kids :)

Amy said...

I guess I never thought about it snowing there - crazy!

Darsha said...

YEA!I found your blog. Cute pictures.
It was the best snow day(s) ever.

David Cottrell said...

I miss you guys so much! Addy looks so cute all bundled up and Spence your lookin good my man! I'm startin to put on a little happy married man weight... Amber You called me the other day I wanted to call you back but I was at work and had to go to class and my phone doesn't call you

I love you guys!

Cami said...

So fun! I just make my kids wear their regular shoes in the snow. Good times.