Monday, January 18, 2010

More Fun

We had Samantha over the other day and the kids all had fun making igloos.

One afternoon I came into the family room to find that Logan had put down a blanket, they each got there pillows with cute Mickey pillowcases Grandma Pauleen made and were relaxing together.
Logan all ready for church sitting in the window looking out.

Addysen loves this new dress Bern sent. She looks so good in brown!
One day while we were eating a snack she just started posing. What a kid!


Grandpa Courtland said...

Dear Spencer, Amber, Logan and Addy

Thanks for the new pictures. I can't imagine sitting in one of your windows. Just thinking about it, puts butterflys in my tummy. You live so far up in the sky.

I'm happy you are enjoying your Mickey pillow cases. They were made with love. The last picture of Addy is a heart-stealer.

Love you all,
Grandma Pauleen

Cami said...

Oh, they are so darn cute! I really really hope you come to Utah! Oh, we'd love to see you guys.

Vyanca said...

Can they get any cuter!!! And Addys hair is getting so long :)

Christie said...

WHO ARE THOSE BIG KIDS!?!?!?! They are beautiful! Man, time goes by too fast