Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random Pictures

Logan is playing his game boy and she has a guitar. What did I ever do without these kids? Addy and Logan both enjoy pretending to play Rock Band with us.. Just the other day I told Spencer we should play Rock Band, before we could even decide Addy ran into the play room and grabbed her guitar. She was ready to go!
This is Addy posing as Spider man.

She thinks this is her own special seat. Can you see the bottom isn't even on to hold her up. This girl is crazy!
Logan and I had fun making a gingerbread house together. Thanks buddy for being so into traditions and fun activities.

I haven't done a good job in organizing these pictures. I was feeling so behind I just started grabbing different shots that I liked. I figured it was better than nothing, even if they don't go together.
Logan sporting his new beanie I made him. I have so many more to post but for now you get an idea of my creations.
Spencer I think you look handsome even if you are being silly acting like Logan.
This is a regular occurrence around here.


Jason and Claire said...

That one of her snuggled up to Logan with the guitar is precious. You look so pretty in the gingerbread pic;)

The Fam said...

As always you guys are adorable!

AND umm you need to teach me how to make a skull beanie! That is awesome!!!