Friday, January 29, 2010

January pics

Addy took out all the swords from the toys and was playing with them. She sings the star wars song along with it because that is what Logan does every time they play with the light sabers.

Judd used to tell us how cold Korea was and now we are experiencing it first hand. Not that the temperature is way different from Utah but man the cold wind sure makes it freezing. So needless to say we play inside a lot. Thank goodness for Christmas toys and good friends to keep us busy. I do have to say I am getting ready for the spring so we can play at the park and go outside again!

Logan got a new haircut and is looking all handsome. On the phone today my mom said something about forgetting something and Logan in the background said "Brain learn gooder!" It was hilarious.

Addy is a little monkey these days. Lately she has been climbing on the table and dancing around thinking she is so cool. It makes us have a heart attack but she just laughs.

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Cami said...

Oooh, I hate the climbing! Lately, Jane has been taking a stepping stool into the pantry and bringing me "snats" for her to eat. Silly goose.