Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Bike Ride

On Labor Day Weekend we had a fun day outside. Spencer and Logan rode bikes and man I wish I could have with Addysen but we didn't have a helmet for her. Logan was having a blast being the star of the day! I don't think that anybody has ever seen a bike like this. They all waved and talked and thought Logan was the coolest kid ever...they are right! He loved all the attention and says "hello" in Korean and they love that.
Addysen and I walked and walked and walked.....she was happy to get out and run around. This is the Han river behind us, it has a trail all the way along it. I wish I knew how many miles we went a couple at least.
Addysen makes some funny faces! She loves her Daddy even though she teases him all the time.
This is us walking trying to meet up with our bikers. The picture of us is small but I thought it was cool to give you an idea of the bridge we crossed over. Fun times.
Logan had a whole photo shoot done before we met up with them. So even though I am behind on Labor Day Activities here you go!


Dana said...

Love it! Cool bike ride/walk! Where did you get the tandem bike? Looks like so much fun--especially since it's not so HOT!! What a cute little scrunched up face Addy has posing with her daddy. And, Logan, that is so cool you got to ride that neat bike with your dad! Did you pedal real fast? Was that lots of fun? I want to do that with you when we come visit you again, k? Love, Grandma Dana

Audrey said...

What a fun outing! Logan is such a big kid! I absolutely love Addy's hair. Beautiful.

Cami said...

Wow! That is great. I love that you guys are still out biking.