Monday, September 07, 2009

Our rainy Labor day

Last night we tried to brainstorm some ideas of what to do for Labor Day. Ultimately we decided to go and check out the aquarium at the Coex mall. Unfortunately after getting all ready to go to the subway, we went down to the first floor, and it was raining. Yeah... we are a bunch of pansies and decided that we would stay inside instead today. Well... most of the day... When we first arrived in Korea, one of our first outings was to the Ipark mall. At that time we saw this awesome little store full of puzzles. We fell in love with this puzzle but didn't buy it because at the time we were still in the hotel and I didn't want one more box to transfer from there to our apartment. Anyhow, today seemed like a perfect puzzle day. We went back down stairs to the car and went to the store and bought a couple of cool Disney puzzles. We got back to the apt and threw in a Disney movie, and then another, and another and before we knew it, we put all 1000 pieces together. So here it is!


Stuart and Heather said...

Wow, I'm impressed!

Jann said...

That is an awesome puzzle. What fun.

JandJ said...

I am jealous. Sounds like a perfect day!