Monday, May 03, 2010

Easter Egg Coloring

We were a little slow this year in our Easter egg coloring but it worked out perfect because Grandma Dana & Grandpa Allen's Easter package came the day we were planning to color the eggs. Thanks a million the kids loved the aprons and they were very useful as you can see.
This is Addy's first year in really helping to color the eggs...and help she did. Addysen did it all herself needless to say we had a bunch for making egg salad.
They were so excited they couldn't resist a little scream.

Logan loves traditions and he looks forward to them just like we do! I am so glad he enjoys it. This year he was getting fancy and doing 2 colors. He is a blast.
Addy got a little bored at the end and decided to cook pizza for us instead.
Logan on the other hand was so happy to have egg fights and then eat his eggs. I am really surprised that he will eat the hard boiled egg like this. He takes after his daddy!

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Cami said...

Ha! We have that same pizza and Jane LOVES it. She was not interested in the coloring of eggs, only the smashing of them.