Sunday, May 02, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

It was so is Addy's pirate face and Logan trying so hard to smile with his eyes opened.
Addy loved finding eggs...look a little patch of grass!
Logan being a monkey! Thanks Grandma Cottrell for the pillowcases they worked great for the Easter egg hunt too.

Logan was happy to see the Easter bunny and Addy was so afraid she was holding on to me for dear life.
Logan was excited to see his friend Daniel from school. He doesn't speak much English and at first Logan wasn't so sure about him so it was fun to see him run over and give him a hug.
Addy doesn't cry much but when she does get mad she is MAD! That cute little face, she was angry because I needed her to move from her little table to the chair. (Too many shadows on the table.) Maybe she is a bit stubborn like her mom. :-)
Logan was so happy about his dinosaurs he couldn't resist wearing his T-Rex shirt.
Addysen telling me to "take a picture" Yes she actually tells me that! She loved her new butterfly outfit.
We had a fun Easter, Spencer was helping with an Eagle scout project in the morning and met us after the Easter egg hunt and we played some more outside!

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Cami said...

Yeah, if I try to take a picture, I only get the first reaction. No posing for me! They are darling. Logan is a little stud!